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Time for gift-giving

Just in time for the advent season, the time for Christmas gifts at AUVESTA.

If you buy precious metals from us between now and the end of the year, every purchase worth € 500.00 or more will receive a Christmas bonus.  Take this opportunity from 01/12/2018 to 27/12/2018 (receipt of payment at AUVESTA) and always give your deposit no. as the intended purpose for your bank transfer. "Buy now" with fixed price: Payment with PayPal or credit card goes fastest.



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Christmas bonus

For every purchase

10g silver
Christmas bonus
For every 500 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 10g silver
1 Oz Kr├╝gerrand
silver coin
For every 1,500 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 1 Oz silver
1g palladium
Christmas bonus
For every 3,000 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 1g paladium
5g platinum
Christmas bonus
For every 10,000 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 5g platinum
10g gold
Christmas bonus
For every 24,000 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 10g gold
1 Oz Wiener Philharmoniker
gold coin
For every 72,000 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 1 Oz gold
250g gold
Christmas bonus
For every 500,000 EUR purchase
Christmas bonus: 250g gold

We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Of course, you can "exchange" various precious metals online at any time. You can find the "Switch" function in your login directly under "Order".

* These bonuses are only valid for buying precious metals from €500 up to max. €500,000 per deposit during the promotion period.

Each payment is only assessed once. Payments made by Agio are not taken into account. The legal process is excluded.

* The Christmas bonuses will be credited the day after your purchase as a fractional ownership of a bullion coin or a precious metal bar in your precious metal deposit.

For delivery, the applicable terms and conditions apply. The images of the premiums are only a non-binding example.

Sincerely Yours


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